David O’Shea: Inspiring Kids through Fictional Tales

David O’Shea: Inspiring Kids through Fictional Tales

Author of children’s books from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, David O’Shea has won many awards for his work. In 2022, his first book, “Class of Nine,” won the Best Indie Book award for Middle-Grade Fiction. People liked O’Shea’s book because it had an interesting story, strong characters, and positive messages.

David O’Shea: From giving lessons to writing

David O’Shea stories are based on his time as an elementary school teacher. He got ideas for interesting and informative fiction from the personalities and stories of his students.

He said at the TIM Library on Thursday, September 14, 2023, “I see the problems kids face and see how they deal with them as they grow, learn, and become more responsible as they age.”

Before that, O’Shea worked as an elementary school teacher for 18 years. He has been teaching at an Australian foreign school in Jakarta for the past year and a half. In 2020, he plans to start writing fiction, using what he has learned in the classroom every day, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Choosing Fiction to Teach and Have Fun

By writing fantasy, David O’Shea hopes to give kids stories that are both fun and educational. He thinks that both fiction and nonfiction can help him teach people things.

O’Shea wants his writing to encourage young people to be strong-willed and brave when they face problems. This comes through in his stories, where the characters face problems and work hard to solve them, teaching young viewers important lessons about life.

For example, he talks about a sports competition where kids have to deal with problems like fights and losses that force them to learn how to accept things as they are and keep trying to get better.

Because I know that problems will always come up in life and we will always need to find ways to solve them. “We don’t want to give up; we will definitely find ways to get past these problems,” he said.

A strong desire to write and share stories

David O’Shea has always loved writing and sharing stories. He likes writing stories with his kids and tells them to be determined and have a good attitude. David thinks that his writing will encourage young people to work hard and dream big.

After “Class of Nine” came out, he said he was getting ready to print his second children’s book, which is called “Slosh.” There are boys and girls on a school soccer team in Australia, and the book tells the story of how they deal with the difficulties of playing together and making friends.