Counter-Strike: Best Gun Ever the $400K AK-47 Skin!

Counter-Strike: Best Gun Ever the $400K AK-47 Skin!

Good news for Counter-Strike fans! Counter-Strike 2 is coming, and it will come out this summer. The news that all the weapon skins from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) will be available in the new game has really caught everyone’s attention. The limited test has already made a lot of noise. Skins of all types have become much more valuable since this news spread.

Counter-Strike: The Blue Gem AK-47: A Skin That Breaks Records

Skins have always been a big deal in CS:GO, and some of them can fetch crazy amounts of money. The newest trend is an AK-47 skin, which makes it not only the most expensive gun in CS:GO but also possibly the most expensive gun in the history of video games.

This unique skin is a Blue Gem-patterned StatTrak Tier 1 Case Hardened AK-47 that hasn’t been used much (661). For skin lovers, “Blue Gem” means the deepest shade of blue, which makes this AK-47 truly one-of-a-kind. The gun is even more appealing because it has four Katowice 2014 Titan Holo stickers, each worth a huge $60,000.

Counter-Strike: What’s all the fuss about min-wear?

It may sound hard to understand what “minimal wear” means, but it’s really not that hard. It really means that the AK-47 is in the second-best shape it could be in. It’s interesting that there isn’t a brand-new version of this item available right now, but the thought of opening one one day adds to the excitement. It’s also the most expensive single gun in CS:GO, which is the cherry on top.

Why the $500,000 Trade Happened

ZipeL, a CS:GO skin dealer, set up the recent jaw-dropping deal for his business partner Luksusbums. The deal came with the record-breaking AK-47 skin and a Blue Gem Karambit version, which was also very popular. On the other hand, the Karambit was very worn out, which made it much less valuable than the brand-new one.

ZipeL went public with the fact that the deal was worth more than $500,000. It was said that the AK-47 skin alone was worth an amazing $400,000. People in the gaming world were shocked when the deal was finalized on April 16.

Counter-Strike: There’s still no beating the Blue Gem Karambit.

Even though the AK-47 is the most expensive gun, the Blue Gem Karambit skin is still the most sought-after and valuable skin in CS:GO. Last year, there was a shocking offer of $1.5 million for this knife, but the owner somehow turned it down. This Blue Gem Karambit is still the talk of the town, even more so than the newest AK-47 skin that broke all kinds of records.

These skins are more than just virtual things in the world of CS:GO, where pixels are worth a lot of money. As recent events have shown, they can be worth a lot of money not like NIAGASLOT. Who knows what other surprises and important skins are out there waiting to be found as Counter-Strike 2 gets closer? Keep an eye out for more unbelievable game events!